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Level 2 Distance Learning – Targeted Training

YMCA Trinity Group have teamed up with The Skills Network to offer all those that attend our mental health and wellbeing training the ability to access additional level 2 distance learning courses in a variety of related topics.   This is a fantastic opportunity for you to extend your learning around health and wellbeing, but you can also access a variety of other courses.

Some of these are recommended as a follow-up to our existing training, but if you are unsure which to enrol on, please contact our training team at [email protected].

Not only can staff benefit from the accredited programmes, but parents and carers can also access them – FREE of charge!*

The courses take just 12-16 weeks to complete. Places are limited so take a look below and enrol today using this site.  Please only use the weblink provided so that your participation can be tracked and shared with your setting.

In addition, we also deliver a range of face to face health and wellbeing qualifications through YMCA Awards, which are fully accredited.

To find out more about YMCA Trinity Group’s range of health and wellbeing services, click here.

Email: [email protected]

Call: 01733 373187


*subject to terms and conditions.




Core Training

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health

This qualification aims to equip you with a more detailed understanding of mental health conditions that affect children and young people, the legislation and guidance surrounding mental health, risk factors that may affect mental well-being and the impact that mental health concerns may have on young people and others.

Enhanced Training


    This course will give you an understanding of autism and the principles of supporting individuals with autism. You will look at the person-centred approach and the influence that positive communication methods can have and will gain an understanding of how individuals with autism can be supported to live healthy and fulfilled lives.



    This qualification aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of issues related to different types of learning disabilities and how these affect individuals in their daily lives. By studying this course, you will cover a range of topics, including safeguarding and personalisation in social care.



    This qualification aims to explore possible causes which could explain why people behave as they do, helping you to develop your understanding and deal with these situations in an appropriate way. You will look at the impact and possible justification for these behaviours, considering what the root cause could be. This course will equip you with pro-active strategies to support positive behaviour.

Targeted Training


This qualification will help develop your knowledge and skills around counselling by looking at counselling theories, key elements of the main theoretical approaches and will help you to develop self-understanding and reflect on your own values and beliefs. Successfully completing this qualification will help enable you to provide support and help to others.


Eligibility and completion criteria applies. For more details, read our Terms and Conditions.