Our Impact

The work of YMCA always strives to be relevant to the needs of society, with the aim of transforming the way young people are viewed as part of the community. We provide innovative solutions to problems facing young people through the delivery of a range of quality services
and projects.


During 2018/19

Health and fitness


  • 3,764 room hire hours for community activities
  • Total gym sessions averaged 3,000 per month, that’s 36,000 for the year
  • 141 hours of sports hall use
  • 2,121 new members joined our community gyms
  • Average annual class attendance was 24,000 
  • 40 members with conditions and disabilities received one-to-one support in our gyms
  • Qualified 30 prisoners and 24 prison staff in their First Teacher Qualification



  • YMCA Childcare has engaged with 397 children
  • 128,164 hours of childcare delivered across 5 settings
  • 52 children transitioned from YMCA Childcare to school
  • YMCA Childcare has supported 22 student placements
  • 100% of children have had positive outcomes through progress shown in learning journeys
  • 55 families engaged in Home Learning project
  • YMCA Childcare has raised £1,164.51 through fundraising and sponsored events



  • In the last year we housed and supported over 650 people
  • We moved someone on in a planned way every 31 hours
  • We offered over 90,000 supported hours to our residents
  • On average we had a full year occupancy of 90% across all our sites
  • Over 40% of our residents are in employment, training or education
  • An overall increase of 4.5% in the number of bed units


Mental health & teacher training


  • We trained 135 schools and 1,210 teachers in mental health (three times as many as last year)
  • 94% of young person assessments showed an improvement in outcome measures after secondary school
  • 284 young people supported with mental health clinical interventions over 2,345 hours
  • 99% of schools recommended our mental health training and service
  • 4,429 self-help apps were provided to 12 schools



  • 78% of learners reported an increased awareness of what abusive behaviour is in a relationship
  • Delivered a workshop to 498 learners in secondary schools and to young people participating in the National Citizens Service
  • 90.5% agreed/strongly agreed that their knowledge of how and where to access support had improved
  • 95% of parents on the Break4Change programme stated it had helped them improve or develop a safety plan

The Cresset


  • Over 62,000 people attended 160 public performances and events in the theatre this year
  • 51% of theatre tickets were booked online, compared to 44% in the previous year
  • We engaged with over 1,900 young people through our performance arts programme and partnerships
  • 78% of our theatre audiences came from within the PE Postcode area
  • Over 500 members of the local community attended the free 40th birthday celebrations in August

Training and education


  • Access 2 Employment worked with 28 families, conducted over 70 home visits and 25 CVs were written and updated
  • eMploy-ABILITY received 80 clients and supported 13 people to find employment, 33 CVs were written and updated and they supported 28 people in work placements

Youth Programmes


  • Delivered funding of 456 cooking sessions to 114 young people
  • We have worked with 3,785 young people on our youth programmes
  • Increased volunteer support by 100%
  • We have worked with 3,184 young people in schools

Youth Justice


  • 182 young people have completed their reparation hours
  • We now support 40% of vulnerable young people and 60% of vulnerable adults in the county through our appropriate adult
    service, which has significantly increased in demand since August 2018
  • We have completed 1,995 reparation hours