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Corporate Partnerships

At YMCA we truly believe that corporate charity partnerships should be beneficial to everyone. We work closely with all our partners to build strong and positive programmes, that benefit organisations and their staff so that you can support YMCA in achieving our charitable aim.

A partnership with YMCA will deliver new skills, allow staff to meet new interesting people and help some of the most vulnerable young people in your community.

Supporting YMCA will help us to deliver real and lasting opportunities that change the lives of young people in your community.


Through the opportunities detailed below, a partnership with YMCA will do just that.

Corporate partnerships

Brand Association

By partnering with YMCA you are linking with the oldest and largest youth charity brand in the world.

We have over 90% brand recall in the UK and we know how aligning with a powerful brand like the YMCA with strong brand values will work to the benefit of yours.

Cause Related Marketing

Cause related marketing (CRM) is a commercial activity where your business and YMCA form a formal partnership to market an image, product or service for our mutual benefit. It is a simple and extremely effective way of differentiating your product and services, and of increasing sales and customer loyalty. It can promote positive PR coverage and provide that increasingly important link for ethical consumers to align themselves with a charitable cause.

By linking with YMCA companies can attach their product to a powerful brand that not only creates a point of interest, but which can open up new markets and attract new customers.

Social Media

As a charity with a long history and rich heritage, we know the importance of evolving over time.

That’s why we’ve established ourselves at the forefront of social media campaigning.

Public Relations

Involvement with a charity can create some great PR and marketing opportunities.

Every time your employees take part in fundraising activities, there is a story to be told.

We can assist in the promotion of the Partnership through our local and national communication teams and, as a prominent national charity, we have excellent links to local and national television and radio stations, together with national and regional media.

We have an extensive social media reach, with passionate and engaged supporters who share our values. This makes YMCA an effective choice when it comes to raising your online profile, or adding a social media marketing element to an existing campaign.

As a Partner of YMCA you will receive support from our Partnership Team who will ensure that your organisation and employees will get the most out of the relationship. As no two partnerships are alike, we treat each company as unique, developing a programme of activity which works for both parties. We will draw up a Partnership and Communications Plan to set mutually-agreed targets, with regular liaison meetings to make sure that the timetable is on course and to evidence your much-valued support.

How You Can Get Involved

Whether you choose to fundraise as a small team, a department or as an entire organisation, why not help young people in our community? YMCA will design a fantastic package to support your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme or charitable ambitions and engage your employees.

Your staff can support our work in a number of exciting ways. Whether in a “Charity of the Year” partnership or on an ad hoc basis, a partnership with YMCA will have something for everyone. Here are the options:

  • Volunteer
  • Donate (time, money or gifts in kind)
  • Fundraise
  • Work Place Giving
  • Event Sponsorship or Match Funding

Please contact [email protected] to discuss the new areas in which you may wish to support us.