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Children and Young People’s Services (Care Leavers)

The transition to independent living is challenging for anyone, and there are some instances where more support is needed for a young person.

Our Children and Young People’s Services accommodation in Ipswich is specifically for Care Leavers who continue to need daily support.

This accommodation is made up of four terraced houses, creating a small community for young people to thrive in. Each house is arranged so that each young person has access to their own room, with kitchen and living spaces being communal.

Accommodation is available for up to 18 months, with residents receiving 24-hour support from our team of Engagement Officers. The Engagement Officers will also support residents with gaining the skills and confidence needed to move on to more independent housing.

We hope that the skills learnt here with us will help our young people to achieve a positive move on into independent living.

*Access to this accommodation is subject to a referral from a social worker and agreement to the rules (e.g., curfew).

How to apply

As this accommodation is specifically for Care Leavers who are supported by Children and Young People’s Services your social worker will need to refer you.

Speak to your social worker to see if you are eligible and they will refer you to us.

Contact Details

2 Wellington Street, Ipswich,