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Staff and Workplace Wellbeing

We understand the importance of supporting the wellbeing of not only young people and families, but also employees whilst they are at work.

The wellbeing of employees is vital for a healthy and thriving work environment.

Our knowledgeable mental health and wellbeing team are here to provide resources to help create a positive and nurturing work culture. Whether this is stress management, work-life balance, of fostering resilience, we’ll work closely with your organisation to develop customised solutions that promote staff wellbeing and support mental health.

This is why we offer a range of staff wellbeing and support services, tailored to the specific needs of businesses and organisations –  read about these below.

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Direct Support

Our team of fully qualified counsellors can provide bespoke support with the ultimate aim of reducing staff absence and increasing productivity. This can be provided on a credit based system, or by providing more regular access using our tried and tested Day Rate model. This support could include:

  • Access to face to face or virtual counselling
  • A centrally held bank of credits to be used as required on a referral basis
  • Additional ‘drop-in’ sessions made available on a weekly/fortnightly basis for low level concerns or advice

Direct Reflective Supervision

Reflective supervision provides a regular, professional relationship with clear boundaries within which staff can reflect on their thoughts and feelings; drawing on this awareness to better support those they work with.

It can benefit everyone, especially those in senior or pastoral roles. These sessions will support staff’s longevity in their role, reducing the stress and negative impact that staff experience.


By providing access to mental health training, staff will increase their confidence to do their job, and therefore reduce the stress that this brings.

It also has the added benefit of indirectly supporting their own mental health by addressing specific issues that might affect staff and those they work with.

“Did you know that employers that invest in workplace mental health support return an average £5 for every £1 spent!”

Mental health needs are rising, and what recent years has taught us is that supporting employees and staff is vital.  Whilst our focus is on children and young people, we also recognise the importance of supporting their networks and creating a positive wellbeing culture across workplaces.

In addition, our new range of mental health support for businesses will not only provide direct support to help improve the wellbeing and productivity of your staff, but any profits will be invested into our work with the most vulnerable young people through our range of targeted projects.

Services we can offer businesses include:

Healthy Minds: Managing Wellbeing Programme

YMCA Trinity group uses an evidence-based approach to supporting staff mental health through a dedicated team of qualified mental health professionals, with a focus on empowerment and prevention. Our model consists of four phases:

  • Understanding Needs
  • Empowering Staff
  • Operational Delivery
  • Monitoring & Evaluation

For more information about our Healthy Minds programme, download our leaflet.

Staff Training

Many of our Training Courses and Workshops are adaptable for staff in a range of settings, so please do look at these pages for more information.  Some of our most popular courses for businesses include:

  • Reflective Supervision Skills: Senior Leaders Programme
  • Mental Health Awareness for Managers
  • Staff Wellbeing & Self-care
  • Mentoring Adults
  • Mental Health First Aid (for adults)

We also now have a new range of First Aid Training courses and workshops for adults and young people.

Clinical Support for Staff

  • Staff Counselling
  • Reflective Supervision for managers and front line workers