Introduction to Mental Health Workshop (Copy)


The Introduction to Mental Health workshop is our foundation module, suitable for all adults who work with children and young people and all settings that wish to apply a whole setting approach to create a mentally healthy environment. This workshop explores the building blocks of mental health. It touches on the impact of environment and life events on development and how we, as adults can help young people navigate these experiences, increasing the chance of positive mental health outcomes. We will look at how these difficulties can present and the impact this can have on learning. Delegates will leave with practical strategies they can apply in a range of situations.



Course summary


Delivered by mental health professionals, this two hour workshop provides delegates with an overview of the impact of attachment and trauma on later mental health. The workshop will provide practical tools for adults to increase their understanding of the experiences of the children in their care and consider a range of strategies for managing areas of concern. Delegates will leave feeling better equipped and more confident to offer solutions and identify those that need support.

This workshop can be tailored to meet your settings specific needs and provides a good foundation for further training. Courses such as Building Resilience and those in our enhanced training portfolio will build staff knowledge.

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