At our Grundisburgh provision we cater for children aged two to five years between the hours of 8am and 3.15pm. We have a wide variety of stimulating, enjoyable, play based activities available to help promote all areas of development, encourage individual choices and promote social and language skills.

We ensure children are involved in choosing what activities they would like to do and we always plan around the children’s interests. We have access to an outside area, where children are able to join in with a range of activities including role play, construction, investigation and sensory play.



Book Your Place


To request a place at the setting for your child, please complete the Enquiry Form (90KB, Word) and send it to us. You can fill in the form on the computer and email it directly or print it off if you prefer.


Free Childcare


Your three-four year old child is entitled to 15 hours of free childcare a week from the term after their 3rd birthday, if you are in work you could be entitled to a further 15 hours per week. Find out more information on the website.



AttendanceTime2 - 3 Years3 - 5 Years
6 Hour Session8:45am - 2:45pm£37.35£35.60
3 Hour Session8am - 11am
8.45am - 11.45am

11:45 – 14:45pm
12pm - 3pm
Hourly rate£6.35£6.00
Lunch Club or Bolt On 45 mins8am - 8:45am
11am - 11:45am
Bolt on 15 mins11:45am - 12pm
2:45pm - 3pm
Cost of Meals
Breakfast is £1.05
We offer a 10% sibling discount for nursery and holiday club sessions. The 10% discount is applied to the oldest child’s booking.