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Understanding Behaviour as Communication

This workshop is based on the premise that young people and children don’t intend to be ‘challenging’. This reframe allows us to view their behaviour as trying to tell us something, opening up a wider range of possible responses. It can be paired with a second workshop that is tailored to your setting and the behaviours that you would like to explore.

Course Summary – Part One and Two

Delivered by mental health professionals, the content of the workshop is designed to enhance existing staff’s ability to respond and react to young people within their settings framework. It offers a structure that will enable reflection and planning to support the young people most in need, alongside enhancing confidence and knowledge.

Course Summary – Part Two

The second two hour workshop is tailored to each individual setting and provides an opportunity to consult with YMCA Trinity Group and consider the practical strategies that your setting would like to explore in greater detail.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand strong emotions in the context of the developing brain
  • To recognise how they are communicated to us through behaviour
  • To explore a range of ways to support the child’s capacity to self regulate and manage these behaviours so that they can learn and develop

Added Benefits

To give more people the opportunity to develop their understanding, we have teamed up with The Skills Network to offer all schools that purchase our Whole Staff programmes the opportunity to access additional Level 2 Distance Learning courses in a variety of related topics. Not only can school staff benefit from the accredited programmes, but parents can also access them – free of charge.

Read more information on our Level 2 Distance Learning Enhancing Training page.


Prices start from just £440 for a whole staff, two hour workshop, with bespoke packages and discounts on larger numbers available.  Individual places costing £49 per person can also be booked on our open courses where applicable.  Please contact us for more details.


  • 97% improved their confidence in the subject area
  • 97% said the materials and methods used facilitated learning
  • 100% said the trainer was confident, prepared and knowledgeable
  • 97% said the methods and materials used facilitated learning
  • 96% enjoyed the session


“Really opened my eyes about how I can mirror a child’s behaviour, manage my own anger and make my empathy more explicit and constructive for the children in my class.” – Teacher

“Very relevant to my role, useful insight. It is comforting to know that empathy is the way forward – something I/we have already been practising” – Teaching Assistant

“I really enjoyed the session and thought it was very well organised. The course trainer was excellent” – Class teacher