The attachment workshop is for those adults who have covered basic attachment theory, either through our Introduction to Mental Health workshop, or through another training. This workshop explores how attachment and the experience of trauma interact with children’s ability to learn. Delegates will leave with practical strategies to use in their setting.


Course Summary


Delivered by clinical professionals, this two hour workshop provides delegates with an overview of attachment theory and its application to the understanding of children with emotional, behavioural or social difficulties which interfere with their learning. The workshop will build on previous training, providing further practical tools for adults to better understand the experiences of the children in their care and better ways of managing areas of concern. Delegates will leave with practical strategies firmly rooted in the research of attachment theory and in tried and tested practice in schools. These strategies can easily be integrated into the life of a busy classroom, leaving delegates feeling more confident to offer solutions in their setting.


Learning Outcomes


  • To understand how young people with attachment difficulties can experience the world
  • To understand how we can communicate effectively with young people with attachment difficulties
  • Practical strategies and key interventions for working with these young people


Added Benefits


To give more people the opportunity to develop their understanding, we have teamed up with The Skills Network to offer all schools that purchase our Whole Staff programmes the opportunity to access additional Level 2 Distance Learning courses in a variety of related topics. Not only can school staff benefit from the accredited programmes, but parents can also access them – free of charge.





Prices start from just £400 for a whole staff, two hour workshop, with bespoke packages and discounts on larger numbers available.  Individual places costing £45 per person can also be booked on our open courses where applicable.  See the ‘Contact Us’ section below for more details.


Contact us


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