Support & Advice

We are there for every young person in the community, supporting them and their families through difficult times with a wide range of programmes and services.

Our main aim is to enable every young person to grow and develop in every aspect of their life and we have developed support and advice schemes, which include, youth engagement programmes, youth offending projects, mental health interventions, domestic violence and crisis support.


During 2020/21

Need help now?

All the information you require if need urgent help or want to discover ways to help yourself.

Self help - What can I do right now?

Things you can do for yourself to help reduce mental health issues such as anxiety and stress.


Providing locally based opportunities enabling young offenders to engage in reparation within their community.

Family Respect

Raising awareness of youth domestic abuse and supporting those affected across the region.

Case Studies

Mental Health Services

We provide a range of services including counselling & therapy for children aged 5+ and adults, staff training and supervision; plus a range of support for parents, businesses and youth organisations