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How to Access Support and Prices

The mission for our mental health services is to tackle the breadth of physical and psychological wellbeing issues among children and young people in our area. For this to work, our service must be of a high quality, yet affordable to all who need it.

We operate a flexible system, which allows each organisation to draw down the services that will meet the needs of their cohort.  All of our services are evidence-based using a whole setting approach to creating a positive wellbeing culture.

We also offer additional services such as Mental Health Training, to create sustainable outcomes and improve the confidence of staff.

The Credit System

*Please note: pupils often require more than this number of sessions, and it would be detrimental to their wellbeing should therapy finish abruptly. Therefore, enough credits should be purchased to increase provision as recommended by the Therapist or Counsellor.


Credit Rates depend on the number of referrals that can be seen on a day and the amount purchased:

Pricing Packages –

  • Bronze: 1-2 sessions per day costing £60.50 per credit*
  • Silver: 3-4 sessions per day costing £55.00 per credit (8% saving)
  • Gold: 5 sessions per day costing £50.00 per credit (17% saving)

*A contribution to travel costs may also be required should practitioners have to travel more than 25 miles to the setting

Day Rate Prices


  • Purple: Fixed rate (which offer a 15% saving on credits) at £271 per day (6.5hrs) or £144 per half day (3.5hrs)

These prices are based on a minimum commitment of 39 weeks and are subject to change.  You can find out more about the day rate programme here.




If you want to help your pupils but are worried about the cost or if you need help to raise funds whilst increasing awareness of well-being then:

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