Reflective Supervision Skills: Senior Leaders Programme

This course gives settings the opportunity to learn from clinical professionals about how they can apply evidence-based interventions to facilitate reflective practice. The course builds on the foundational skills of active listening and solution focused approaches to develop reflective supervision practices that will enable you to gain insight into the dynamics of relationships. The skills learned will help staff to gain awareness of self and others to improve decision-making, develop informed practice, and promote an organisational culture that fosters and maintains positive mental health.


How will reflective supervision benefit your team?


Working with people to promote mental health can be demanding and complex. Reflective Supervision provides a regular, professional relationship with clear boundaries within which staff can reflect on their thoughts and feelings; drawing on this awareness to better support those they work with.

Regular, professional supervision of this nature encourages healthy reflective practice, good decision-making, self-care, increased resilience, share knowledge and promote effective signposting. It can be of benefit to all, and especially those in senior or pastoral roles.


Reflective supervision is not:

  • Clinical supervision
  • Line management
  • Counselling for staff


Course Summary


This two-day course, plus on-going annual support programme will give senior leaders a range of skills, tools and resources to facilitate a safe space to explore uncertainties and difficulties in work. It is a way to reflect on what might be happening for you and the situation you are thinking about. These conversations lead to improved staff and child wellbeing. It is based on recent research on the development of supervision models, and covers the following:


  • Setting up sessions for effective interpersonal reflection
  • An introduction to creative supervision models
  • Application of creative supervision skills that  encourage learning through exploration
  • Enhancing active listening and coaching skills
  • Delegates also receive half-termly reflective group supervision to enhance practice (included in the ongoing annual support programme)


This course is suitable for managers and senior leaders who oversee staff. Delegates will leave the course with a range of tools and resources. Ongoing support is an integral part of the programme. The programme provides delegates with half-termly group supervision to explore and reflect on the resources and their application in practice.


Learning Outcomes


  • To understand reflective practice through the lens of creative supervision models
  • To learn the attitudes and skills that foster reflective practice
  • To apply creative techniques that enable insight and practice development
  • To understand and use own experience of reflective supervision to develop skills in facilitating effective reflection and application of insights
  • Receive half-termly reflective group supervision, peer support, updates and resources – plus access to other clinical interventions or 1to1s for staff that require support.




  • To develop an understanding of supervision models
  • To apply models to reflective practice
  • To practise reflective supervision skills and techniques
  • To apply own experience of supervision to those you support
  • To evaluate impact for further reflective development


The annual fee includes all the following:


  • Half-termly virtual group supervision for the delegate (contact us if you would like more delegates)
  • Annual refresher training
  • Evidence-based content based on sound research
  • Regular updates – we do all the research and find the most useful resources for you, saving you time and money. We will also source additional materials and content as necessary, based on your feedback
  • Clinical support and advice – our dedicated service means you can contact us if you have any questions about the material. We will offer support and signpost you to additional resources, so help is always on hand.





Course cost includes two day training plus all programme benefits for one year:

Primary Schools or small organisations: £600 + VAT

Secondary schools or medium to large organisations: £700 + VAT

Additional places: £400 (includes training and half-termly group supervision)

Annual programme renewal per person (includes FREE refresher training for all delegates and half-termly reflective supervision)  – £300 for primary schools and £400 for secondary schools. Additional person renewal cost – £200. VAT will be added to all costs.


Optional additional reflective supervision support:

Virtual: From £55 for 1to1 (1hr) or £100 for a group of up to 4 people (1.5hrs)

Face to Face: From £63 for 1to1 (1hr) or £131 for a group of up to 4 people (1.5hrs)


Alternatively, we can deliver this two-day course in-house for up to 16 delegates at a cost of £1900 + VAT and expenses plus costs associated with reflective supervision (contact us for more details).




“I really enjoyed the training! It was a bit daunting at the beginning when it was initially explained what reflective supervision involved, however the more we got into it the more it just came together and made much more sense.  I’m also excited that we will have regular supervision sessions now to touch base and also put this into practice” – Delegate


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