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YMCA Trinity Group has a UASC resident named Sahand Osman. He recently moved into our high-risk flats. Sahand has been struggling with his emotions. However, he’s attending Turning Point and engaging well. During his sessions, it came to light that Sahand’s mother passed away back home. One of her wishes was for him to plant a tree in her memory, which he never had the chance to do.

Upon learning about this, the YMCA Maintenance team found a location on the property where Sahand could plant the tree. A grant from the Ropes Trust covered the cost of the tree. Sahand visited B&Q and chose a tree with pink blossoms, his mother’s favorite color. He also wrote a letter to bury under the tree during planting.

On Thursday, February 15, 2024, a ceremony was held outside, attended by UASC staff, where Sahand planted his tree. It was an emotional moment, and Sahand was overwhelmed by the support. After everyone left, he spent time with the tree, fulfilling his mother’s wish.

Sahand’s social worker commended the UASC staff for organizing this touching gesture.

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