Our Vision and Values

YMCA Trinity Group is part of a federation of over 116 YMCAs across England and Wales. Our vision is to help create supportive, inclusive and transforming communities where young people can truly belong, contribute and thrive. At the heart of how we work in communities, and with each other, are strong and committed relationships rooted in our inclusive values, approach and heritage. As a federation, YMCA England and Wales has developed a strategic plan, covering five core areas of work which all YMCAs follow. Our approach is based on having a national presence with local relevance, and is achieved by YMCA Trinity Group in a variety of ways across the five core areas of work as follows:



Our values are based on that:


  • We believe every young person should have someone they can trust
  • We believe every young person should have a safe place to stay
  • We believe every family should have the support they need to develop and lead fulfilling lives
  • We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of good health and wellbeing
  • We believe every young person should be able to fulfill their potential


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