Mental Health Support for Schools and Other Settings

COVID-19 Update: 

We understand that these are challenging times for everyone,  and particularly schools.

The mental health and wellbeing of your staff, students and parents will be critical during this current climate, and at a time where social distancing will create a barrier to the typical support and guidance schools will provide to their students.

We are here to help you and your school community during this difficult time. As well as our counselling support, advice and training, we have also produced a supporting document that you may find useful to share with parents, young people and staff about mental health support.

We have also been working hard to adapt support and be flexible to changing needs.  We are therefore delighted to announce that we can now offer the following services:

  • Face to face support for those that are in school including other children, staff, parents
  • Telephone/zoom/whatsapp counselling to parents/staff/older students
  • Checking-in calls for those existing or new referrals (including parents of younger children) who are unable to have formal online/telephone counselling
  • Parent/staff/student advice via above platforms or through email
  • Researching additional support/resources for individuals e.g. websites, etc
  • Reflective Supervision for staff
  • Production of tailored resources for websites
  • Curriculum/resource development
  • Use of credits/days for other services such as training or whole school wellbeing strategy consultations.  Examples of training might include:
    • Access to our existing training programme for individuals – click here for our calendar
    • Tailored training for groups of staff e.g. mentoring training to help those working with vulnerable groups; Delivering Early Interventions Train The Trainer to help you design and deliver resilience programmes for those in school or as online resources; click here for full details of all courses
    • Staff meetings or webinars as agreed

We are thinking creatively about how we can support schools during this time including online services, so if you would like to contact us to discuss your needs, please call 01733 373187 or email



How do our mental health services work?


YMCA has been supporting young people in the UK for over 150 years. During the last 35 years we have developed extensive expertise in positive mental wellbeing which builds on our world-leading physical health programmes. These programmes address whole setting needs through one or more of the following:


  • Whole setting wellbeing audits and consultations to understand your bespoke needs and priorities
  • Training for staff and parents
  • Clinical interventions for those that need support including counselling, therapy, drop-ins, mentoring and group work
  • Peer support and awareness programmes
  • Staff wellbeing support programmes including counselling, supervision and self-care


Our Mental Health Services were designed to offer schools and partners a range of services to improve the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of young people in their care. We appreciate that this will vary between organisations, according to the demographics of young people using them. For this reason, we have arranged our services so that you can select the ingredients that will best address their needs.


Our services allow you to:

  • Identify, measure and address multiple physical, psychological and emotional needs of the whole setting in one comprehensive package of support
  • Receive professional advice about the types of support you need, amount, and in what order
  • Create a bespoke package of support tailored to your needs
  • Concentrate on your curriculum or other priorities, confident that these additional priorities are being managed appropriately
  • Receive information on the impact the services are making, both within your organisation, as well as across the local area
  • Discuss particular needs even if they don’t fit with the current list of options (e.g. consultancy packages, training and other interventions).
  • Develop a positive wellbeing culture to enable all children, young people, staff and families to thrive


Since its inception in April 2015, our Mental Health Services have provided (updated Mar 21):

  • Clinical interventions to 103 schools and 1704 children
  • Mental health training to almost 4000 staff and parents in 600 schools
  • Mental health introductory workshops to 1020 children and young people
  • Whole school wellbeing consultations and improvement planning for almost 50 schools
  • Almost 9000 self-help apps to 15 schools

Our reach and expertise using evidence based practice and fully qualified professionals, has enabled us to become one of the leading providers of mental health services locally, with links to statutory services creating approved status, and aligning our work to local needs.


New for 2020/21 – Partner Reward Scheme giving you more benefits for accessing our services; including training & licence discounts, free resources and webinars.



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Customer Feedback


  • 99% of schools would recommend the service and training
  • 100% schools saw an overall improvement in children and young people as a result of therapeutic interventions
  • 100% of schools rated the workers professionalism and knowledge as good or excellent
  • 97% of staff learned more as a result of training and 98% said it was relevant to their role


“We are really impressed with the service. Our pupils showed a real change in their feelings”Head Teacher

“I’m so grateful that you made the effort to contact the school! I’m very grateful to you for the time and effort you have put in to try and help me! A massive thank you to you”. – Parent.

“Thank you for enabling us to provide this extremely worthwhile service to our school community. Very much appreciated” – SENCO.

“Thank you for everything we have received this year so far. The counselling has been incredible and we have seen so much progress in our children.”Deputy Head.

“I feel the sessions have been really valuable and I’ve really appreciated the feedback to school regarding the pupil which allows us to help her more, Thank you!”Class Teacher.

“I just wanted to feedback on the group sessions that finished last week. The children have loved taking part and many parents have thanked me as they can see a real difference in their children.” Deputy Head.

“It made me reflect on the children in my class as well as my own child & gave me the time to think of ways to encourage this within my practice. The time to discuss this with my peers was extremely valuable” EYFS Teacher.

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For more information or to discuss your needs, please click on one of the boxes above or contact us by calling 01733 373 187 or email