Whatever Next!

Whatever Next! – Jill Murphy


Week 1

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have started on our next book Whatever Next, a fun and imaginative book about Baby Bear and his trip to the moon!

We started the session by reading through the book with our parents and their children, this was a lot of fun learning about Baby Bear’s big adventure building a rocket and having a picnic on the moon.

For our activity this week we have had a lot of fun with glitter water play. We filled a messy tray with water and poured some glitter in to make it look like a star filled galaxy. Our children had a lot of fun with this and did plenty of splashing around, exploring the glittery water and seeing how the glitter moved when they splashed in it.

This was a great session for helping the children develop many skills as splashing around in the water was a fun sensory experience and with some of the children collecting water in containers and pouring it out this helped develop their gross motor skills.

By the end of the session the children were all covered in glitter and looked like our very own stars.


Week 2

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have been continuing with the book Whatever Next and have been looking more in to the theme of space.

After reading through the book again we decided to do some arts and crafts and made some mobiles. We had a look at key events and characters in the book for inspiration for our mobiles and decided to make owl, moon and rocket mobiles.

Our parents had a lot of fun with this activity and took the opportunity to get creative coming up with some lovely designs for their mobiles which they then took away to display in their rooms.


Week 3

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have been making rockets.

After reading the book we thought it would be fun to use our imagination and build a rocket so we could fly to the moon like baby bear.

We had a lot of fun making our rockets in all different colours and designs and have attached these to some string so we can hang them up. Unfortunately, we could not make a big enough rocket to fly us all the way to the moon so we made lots of little rockets instead.


Week 4

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have been continuing with our book Whatever Next. For our session this week we decided to join in with baby bear and have a teddy bears picnic. Unfortunately, we could not fly up to the moon like baby bear did but we thought this would be a fun and relaxing activity to do, especially for our younger babies.


Week 5

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have made some flash cards to help encourage reading and speech development with our children. We read through the book and picked some key characters and images which would be easily identifiable for our children and have made some flash cards.

The parents enjoyed this session as it gave them a chance to be creative and they have been able to add to their collection of homemade flash cards following on from the last book we covered. This has been an area of development that some of our parents have asked to focus on as their children are a little older and are starting to say more and more words so we are trying to encourage this as much as possible.

We read through the book with our parents, their babies and teddies and then had a play and some snacks. We had a lovely session today and enjoyed seeing the children playing and exploring. Our youngest resident also had great fun showing off her development during some tummy time play, lifting her head and trying to roll over to see everything.


Week 6

For our last week of reading Whatever Next we have been encouraging imaginative play with our children. We set up an outer space sensory box with astronauts, planets and other space themed items for the children to explore. We also encouraged them to use their imaginations in their play with other items. We enjoyed this last session and have had fun exploring space and building rockets.