We hosted the latest YMCA Leadership Roadshow in Peterborough

Last week, it was our turn to host the YMCA Leadership Roadshow, welcoming colleagues from Dulverton Group, Thames Gateway and Fairthorn Group to The Cresset.

Lucy (Organisational Quality & Development Manager) and Bridie (Head of Accommodation) represented YMCA Trinity Group, having already attended the previous roadshow events.

Those who attended learnt about the history of The Cresset and its role in the community of Bretton (and Peterborough) as well as a tour of the gym, shopping and theatre facilities all located inside the building.

There were also presentations from the Youth Team & Mental Health Service who demonstrated how we help young people feel secure, respected and heard in order for them to reach their potential.

Lucy said, “It was a thought provoking few days for the group. Our CEO Jonathan Martin led a group session on managing change, with reference to ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ by Dr Spencer Johnson. We reflected on our emotional and logical responses to change and what this meant for us in a leadership role.”

We are ‘hard-wired’ to fear change and most often than not people will stick with trial and tested ways of working. However, change can be forced upon us such as during the current global pandemic. Most organisations and businesses have had to adapt and use new methods to allow work to continue. This has mainly involved staff working from home instead of going into the workplace and attending meetings online rather than in person. These changes have brought both benefits and challenges to managers but all change becomes the ‘norm’ eventually and many organisations are maintaining this new way of working due to how successful and accepted it has become.

The presentation also focused on ‘Radical Candor’ which is centred around how to improve leadership by “caring personally and challenging directly”. This is important to consider as a leader when staff need to handle change within the organisation.

Everyone enjoyed the hospitality of The Cresset with some fantastic corporate catering provided – thanks to Alison & the team!

The next roadshow will be hosted by Thames Gateway in November!