UASC residents try out new activities such as roller-skating and soap making

To take their minds off recent stresses and worries, our UASC residents have had the opportunity to participate in new activities and experiences.




Firstly, residents have been offered an amazing opportunity to learn how to roller-skate in weekly sessions with Ipswich Skating Club.

This has allowed the residents to not only learn a new skill but take their mind away from their worries for a couple of hours every week. They have mixed amongst different nationalities and made new friends while at YMCA Trinity Group. During the sessions they have shown off their skills, laughed, smiled, and had a great time!

We are so thankful to Ipswich Skating Club for offering their services. The residents have enjoyed it thoroughly and can’t wait to get their skates on for future sessions.



Soap making


The residents have also taken part in soap making sessions with Sarah, who volunteered to come in and offer an activity which most would probably never think of doing. However, everyone got stuck in and each picked their own scents from a box of essential oils and were told the benefits of each oil. The popular choices were lavender and ylang ylang to aid with sleep as well as rose and bergamot to help with anxiety.

Our residents had a lovely time and we are so thankful to Sarah for volunteering and offering this activity to us.