UASC Residents Get Tech Savvy and Develop Their IT Skills

A computer course has taken off with the UASC (unaccompanied asylum-seeking children) residents, giving young people the chance to develop valuable IT skills. Nyisha Rankin, a valued member of the UASC team, is leading and developing the course.

Nyisha is offering the residents the chance to develop their basic computer skills because she feels there is a great demand growing with the need to be able to navigate and understand the basics of a computer. The students are learning how to use Microsoft word, excel, the taskbar, how to organise and save files into folders, how to send emails and how to connect a device to the internet through ethane or wireless.

In addition, the course very briefly touches on how to set up a Facebook profile and the internet safety around using Facebook. The course is student-led; once the first section of the course is complete Nyisha evaluates what area the student would like to explore moving forwards, for example, PowerPoint, Microsoft teams, OneNote etc. All the students so far are engaging extremely well with five students attending on a weekly basis. Well done to everyone involved!