UASC residents embrace their nationalities through paint thanks to Pennikkity Pots

The last few months have been exhausting for the residents at our UASC provision in Ipswich due to fears over their homes, families, and the unknown future. While we cannot subside their anxieties, we can reach out to our local community and provide a sense of normality. Pennikkity Pots were kind enough to provide a day of messy painting, teas and coffees.

We saw our residents take pride in their nationalities, painting their flags and favourite dishes from home. Keeping their minds busy and hands messy, they can relax and just enjoy being themselves. They enjoyed creating friendships and relations with staff.

We are so thankful for the support from the community and especially Pennikkity Pots for helping our young people to focus on something else and gain some positivity and confidence back. They gave us a warm welcome and aided us in setting our residents up with a new home base.