Parents create a song for their child thanks to the Lullaby Project

On Thursday 18 February one of our Parent and Child staff members, Amy, will be participating in an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live (between 5:30pm – 6:30pm) to discuss the lullaby project.

This project gave our Parent and Child residents the huge and rare opportunity to write a song for their child, working with Professional musicians from the Irene Taylor Trust and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Each resident was supported in writing the words and music for their Lullaby. They were asked all about their child, their likes and favourite things which were helped shape their ideas into a song, which were then to be performed and recorded by orchestral musicians.

Resident’s songs were unique to their child and the bond they have with them, from the words to the melody of the song. Each resident worked with their song writer on the day.

Huge thank you to Lisa, Jo, Sali-Wyn and Rob from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra along with Jake from Irene Taylor Trust for sitting in on the song writing sessions and encouraging each residents creative ideas.



Each resident got to watch and hear their song being performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: