Sylvia’s Story: Regaining confidence and getting back into work

Sylvia has been on the eMploYABILITY project for around two years. This project is part of Building Better Opportunities (BBO) which aims to tackle poverty and promote social inclusion in Peterborough, Kings Lynn, West Norfolk and Fenland. It is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund.

Sylvia had been badly bullied in her previous workplace and therefore had some big anxiety issues around returning to work.

She explains how she found our support and the impact it’s had on her life, “I would like to say that working with YMCA Trinity Group has been a great help and has given me much needed support that has encouraged me to seek work again. After a bad experience I had lost my confidence and was apprehensive and reluctant to look for work.

I heard about YMCA Trinity Group from a friend and was offered an appointment. Since then, I have been helped by Amy; a wonderful, supportive and understanding coach who has been so encouraging and reassuring. I have completed a course and have gained more skills through volunteering. I didn’t think I’d want to work again but due to Amy’s help, I am now looking forward and excited to be returning to work. Amy has had an incredible affinity and understanding of my apprehensions and worries and has always been a blessing to talk to.

I am so appreciative of the funded counselling which helped me a great deal with my confidence. I recommend YMCA to anyone.

Thank you so very much, I would have really struggled without your help.”

Our key workers strive to understand each individual who requires support and cater for their personal needs.

Amy has done a fantastic job in helping Sylvia to regain her confidence, “I helped enrol Sylvia on a Level 1 Awareness of Mental Health course. Her confidence has grown and grown and she has begun to volunteer with her church and also a choir that specialises in those suffering with mental health illnesses. She previously attended as a member and is now a trustee. Sylvia has now begun to look for and apply for jobs within the mental health sector.”

Find out more about the support we can offer on our Access to Employment Service page.

We’re so pleased to hear about your progress and wish you the very best for the future, Sylvia!