Susana’s Story – Supporting residents to ‘Move On’

We have, with the help of The Cambridge Building Society, recruited a new role within our Queen Anne House Accommodating Team, to provide support and guidance for young people who are ready to ‘move on’ to more independent living. Susana Iglesias was recruited as Accommodation Project Worker – Move on in early March 2021.

Having a specialised ‘move on’ worker has meant that the rest of the team have been able to focus their attentions on the young people needing their support. Susana has spent her time understanding the ‘move on’ options available for young people varying from visiting other supported accommodation provisions in Cambridge, and who they cater for, to building relationships with private landlords and helping to combat misconceptions some have regarding young people claiming income benefits.

“I have settled well into the team here and have hopefully taken some of the pressure and workload from the project workers by specifically concentrating on helping young people prepare to move to greater independence and Resettling them in their new home.”

Every young person is different and has different expectations of what they feel moving on is. “I got to know the young people, their needs and ‘move on’ goals and how I can support them in achieving those goals.”

Some young people realise that they did not appreciate what they had at home and decide to return home. Others realised they need continued specialised support systems in place which we can sign post and refer them to, and some young people learn the skills and knowledge they need while living at YMCA to move on to more independent living in the Cambridge area.

“So far we’ve successfully moved four residents with another two upcoming moves. These have been a range of supported and fully independent living.”

Susana is resettling these young people into their new homes.

“Going forward I will continue building relationships with any organisations, agencies and providers offering appropriate safe housing for young people. I intend to raise awareness within our community, local councils, and members of parliament to highlight the difficulties young people face when trying to access affordable, safe housing in order to improve the housing prospects for young and vulnerable people in Cambridge.”


Fantastic work Susana!