Support Blake in his ‘Jog 90km Challenge’ this November

Blake Davison, our Deputy Accommodation Manager in Ipswich, is taking part in the Samaritans Jog 30km challenge next month but has decided to push himself even further and do 90km!

Blake explains the reason why he chose to support Samaritans, “Every 7 seconds, Samaritans take a call from somebody who needs help. So many people feel like they have nobody to talk to without judgement, which leads to them often bottling up their emotions and reaching crisis point. I don’t think enough people realise that Samaritans are there 24/7, 365 days a year for a chat. They have been actively used by residents at our Gibson Lodge and CYPS accommodation settings in times of crisis.”

It’s also important to spread awareness of all the services and support which is available for people who feel alone or need someone to talk to especially after the challenging 18 months we’ve all endured. Breaking the silence and feeling able to open up to someone is the main message behind YMCA’s ‘Small Talks – Big Difference’ campaign. The campaign invites people to start small, meaningful conversations whilst having a cuppa with friends, family, colleagues and even strangers. People are also encouraged to ask others “Are you okay?” not once but twice, as it can trigger a better response than “I’m fine” which most people automatically say when asked just the once.

Simply getting people talking whether it’s about a particular issue such as their mental health or something they’re interested in, it helps to break down barriers and encourages communication to build and continue over time. Having someone you can trust and feel comfortable to talk to, will make a big difference when a crisis or challenge does occur.

We wish Blake all the best with the challenge and would love to see him smash his fundraising target of £500! He admits “I’m very unfit, so just jogging will be a challenge in itself. It will be important to tell myself to keep going even when it starts getting tough.”


To show your support and to donate, visit Blake’s Fundraising page.


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