StrongWomen Science Show

Some of our residents from the Parent and Child provision recently attended the StrongWomen science show, a series of spectacular science shows put on at Ipswich Museum during the half term period.

Aoife the engineer and Maria the environmental scientist brings you a fun-packed circus performance which reveals the scientific secrets behind their astounding tricks. The tickets were kindly donated to us by the staff at Ipswich & Colchester museums as part of our ongoing work with them and these were very much appreciated as it gave our residents and their children a chance to take part in something that they normally wouldn’t do.

Our residents really enjoyed the show and found this a lot of fun and very interesting and the children also very much enjoyed this and had a lot of fun watching the performers doing their tricks! There were also workshops held after the performances which allowed children the chance to take part in trying some of the tricks but unfortunately our children were a bit too small for this!

Overall the residents very much enjoyed the trip out and we look forward to taking part in many more exciting activities with Ipswich museum!