So far so good in the 1,200 mile challenge

It’s been 12 days in and Brad, Michael & Jamie are doing well in their 1,200 mile challenge. Every day this month, each of them will be completing a half marathon (13.1 miles) to raise money for our Access to Employment service. This is all in memory of Glenn (Brad’s father) who sadly passed away in January last year. He was an inspirational leader at YMCA Trinity Group, was so passionate in helping young people and began the A2E programme in 2016.

Brad has reflected on the progress so far, ‘It turns out that 31 is quite a lot of half marathons, week one has been completed and my body is just about in one piece. It can be hard at times to keep focused, and to keep going but the thought of my dad watching over me really helps to keep me pushing. I’m so grateful for the support and generosity of all our family, friends and public so far it is really motivating and we can’t believe we have already pushed past our target!’

The challenge would be more difficult and lonely for Brad without the support of Michael and Jamie. They’ve also given their thoughts on the journey so far:

Michael says “So far, my legs have held up far better than expected (touch wood), but I do have to remember that I’m only a week in. Running this knowing that I’m not alone has had a massive impact, as it’s two people that I can talk to/ bounce ideas off after each run, whilst knowing I’m not completing each run alone (even if we are in different parts of the country). The support we’ve had has been immense and that’s one of the main motivators pushing me through each day. The running is definitely tough, and it’s not going to get easier, however I’m enjoying it nonetheless.”

Jamie adds “Just under a third of the way through and still feeling pretty good! Trying to really keep the pace steady is the key for me and chipping away each day. Breaking it down bit by bit is really helping mentally instead of thinking of it as 31 days. Having two friends to chat to after each run is a life saver and gives you that extra boost too. The support has been incredible so far and it’s amazing to see we’ve already smashed our target. But we keep going with both fundraising and running. Overall, the routine is really helpful during lockdown and although tough, the thought of it being for a fantastic cause pushes you through the final few miles.”

The original target was £1,218 (£1 for every mile) but Brad has already smashed this and the aim is to now double it.

You can donate by visiting the Virgin Just Giving fundraising page or clicking the button below:




We are incredibly proud of Brad, Michael & Jamie and hope you will join us in cheering them on throughout their challenge. Keep going guys!