Smiles all round at YMCA Childcare Blinco Grove after ‘Good’ Ofsted rating

In its first Ofsted inspection since opening in January 2020, YMCA Childcare Blinco Grove in Cambridge has been rated ‘Good’ in all areas.

The report, which was published following an official Ofsted visit held in December, stated: ‘Children have developed strong bonds with staff, who provide a welcoming and secure environment where children feel safe. Staff are kind and nurturing, helping children to develop good levels of self-confidence and an enjoyment of learning.’

YMCA Trinity Group is a local charity that helps young people to realise their full potential on their journey to independence. Its newest childcare setting, YMCA Childcare Blinco Grove, caters for children aged three months to five years and has the capacity for up to 73 children at one time.

Amanda Spence, Childcare Programme Manager at YMCA Trinity Group said: “We’re delighted with the incredible feedback from our first Ofsted inspection at Blinco Grove and I’m so proud of our team who have worked tirelessly throughout the last two years.

“At YMCA Trinity Group, we want children to be given the best possible start to education and be provided with exciting, stimulating experiences for them to learn and develop from an early age. This ensures they grow up as happy, healthy individuals and have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

“Thank you to each and every one of our staff for their hard work and dedication, and our families for their continued support.”

Key findings from the report include:

  • Children develop good physical skills and gain an understanding of healthy lifestyles
  • Children’s behaviour is good. Older children manage their feelings well and are beginning to understand how their behaviour affects others
  • Staff praise children’s efforts and children readily celebrate each other’s achievements
  • Children are confident speakers and are developing good communication skills
  • Staff have a good knowledge of their key children. They understand what children need to learn next and use information from their observations of children to guide their planning

The full report can be found on Ofsted’s website.

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