Realising potential: an apprentice’s story

We love to support young people and help them with training and education as they prepare for the working world and begin their career. One example is Lizzie. She began an apprenticeship with us at Water Lane, Lowestoft at the start of 2019.


“I started as an apprenticeship in January 2019 in the Panda Room (children aged 3 months to 2 years) and had a lovely warm welcome by all staff and I settled in quickly. Surrounded by hard working, enthusiastic staff I was quick to learn the routine and the correct way to do things. I have learnt so much since starting at the nursery, and I feel as if I am properly part of the team. The course work I get set is always relevant to what I am doing in my job and I get a good amount of time to complete it. If I ever find any coursework difficult or challenging I know I can ask my tutor for help or my colleagues.

I get a lot of support from everyone I work with and I don’t feel afraid to ask any questions. Through my apprenticeship I have not only learnt a lot about childcare, but have been provided with lots of different courses such as first aid, food safety, and Makaton to help further my knowledge. I’ve also helped out on festivals doing charitable events through YMCA. Not only has my apprenticeship shown me what I want to do as a career when I was unsure, but also helped me improve myself as a person! I’ve gained so much confidence and I’m a lot more caring.

After my level 2 childcare apprenticeship I would love to complete my level 3 childcare through YMCA. After that my goal is to get a job with this nursery and progress within the setting.”


Here’s what Lizzie’s supervisor, Rebecca, had to say about Lizzie’s progress:


Lizzie started with us in the Panda Room in January this year. She is currently doing her level 2 apprenticeship. Lizzie has settled in really well.

She is able to use her own initiative when she needs to and has made some really good relationships with the children and parents.

Lizzie has learnt the day to day routine. Lizzie has written some lovely assessments on the children. If Lizzie ever has any questions she is not afraid to ask. Lizzie has settled in well into her team.”


Well done to Lizzie and the rest of our apprenticeship workforce, past and present – we believe in your potential!

If you or someone you know would like to follow Lizzie and complete an apprenticeship with us then have a look at our current vacancies.