Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day and one of our residents in Bury St Edmunds came in and told us about a recent heartwarming experience.

The other day she helped an elderly man get his walk aid over a curb he was stuck on, aiding him out of the way of traffic. They began chatting and then set up a time to go for a walk for the following day. Today, she just got back from walking about town with this gentleman who lives in a care home and is otherwise very isolated. They enjoyed takeaway coffee and a chat, and are planning on meeting up again soon!

Sarah, Accommodation Project Worker in Bury St Edmunds commented: “We are so proud of her that she took the initiative to help someone, and is now making their day by providing some company.”


It’s amazing to see how one small act of kindness can turn into friendship!