Rachel’s Sleep Easy Story

Myself, my partner and his children ages 6 and 4 took part in this year’s Cambridge Sleep Easy Campaign, along side other volunteers that rose to the challenge to raise awareness and funding of homelessness in our city.

The great British weather never failed us and it rained throughout most of the night. Whilst the rain could have made the evening miserable the morale of the other volunteers kept our spirits up and we are incredibly grateful to those who helped us by playing with the boys whilst we built our shelter.

There was a real sense of collective consciousness, sharing ideas and listening to each other. A great learning experience not only for the two brave little ones, who have already asked to take part again next year, but also for myself and my partner.

Without question, the evening was hard and we only had a brief insight to the hardship those who are permanently without homes face. I hope that even post event the donations continue to be given to such a good cause.

I also hope the money raised makes as much positive impact on homelessness as the event has made on my family.

Be grateful for what you have and never underestimate how difficult it is to have nothing.