Queen Anne House deemed “satisfactory” following fire safety audit

On Wednesday 22 September, a statutory fire safety audit was carried out at Queen Anne House by Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service’s Watch Commander, Gary Doughty.

Gary met Mark Humm (Maintenance Supervisor) and Jack Muir (Health & Safety Manager) on site to review all the statutory paperwork we keep on file and to inspect the building thoroughly. Gary was very pleased with what he saw on his visit.

Jack said “I would like to give massive praise to the QAH team for the great condition the site has been maintained to over a very difficult period.

Gary was also very complimentary of our comprehensive folder of documentation and commented on how everything was in date and went far beyond the statutory standards he was looking for. Richard Delmer (Facilities & Maintenance Manager) and Mark Humm deserve recognition for ensuring all statutory compliance work/ regular checks are carried out without fail. Thanks also to Gail Pollard (Health & Safety Administrator) for assisting with the paperwork preparation.”

Gary was satisfied with regards to escape routes and general condition of the site from a fire safety point of view during the tour of the site. He commented on how many other organisations have slipped with their fire safety work during the pandemic but was happy with how we have maintained standards in a difficult period. Again, praise to the on-site teams for this.

In the two previous Statutory Fire Audits from Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service (in 2016 and 2019), we received “minor deficiency notices” outlining some improvements which had to be made. Gary was very happy to see the physical evidence and written record of how these deficiencies had been addressed and rectified.

As the site and paperwork was in such good order this time, our visit in 2021 was blemish free and we have been issued a satisfactory notice straight off the bat, which is great news!

It’s good to know we are doing the right things and our continued efforts in improving safety are being vindicated by external bodies. That said, there is always more we can do, and we will continue to make continuous improvement wherever possible.