Paul celebrates 40 years of YMCA service

Paul Cage, who works in our maintenance team at Queen Anne House in Cambridge, is celebrating working with YMCA for an incredible 40 years!

Paul’s first experience of YMCA was through a Youth Training Scheme on 7th April 1981. He recalls “When I first walked through the doors of YMCA I felt both nervous and happy to start my YTS for six months helping out with the maintenance team.” His first day involved being shown around and understanding the layout of the building and learning about the tasks he would be undertaking on a daily basis (such as checking boilers) and communicating with all departments regarding any issues that would need resolving.

“I went into the maintenance workshop which was full of tools, some of which I hadn’t heard of before and I felt scared knowing one day I’d be using them myself.”

During his six months, Paul learnt a lot of skills in plumbing, electrics, painting, carpentry and even replacing glass.

A week before the scheme was finishing, Paul was offered a full time job with the maintenance team after impressing staff with his hard work and timekeeping skills. Paul comments “I did not think twice about it and said “yes” straight away.”

Our CEO, Jonathan Martin, recollects “When Paul started working with us Maggie Thatcher was Prime Minister, petrol was 37p a litre and the average 3 bed house was £38,000!”, adding “Paul is a joker and always full of one liners which puts a smile on the face of everyone he meets!”

Since Paul has been with us on a full time basis, he’s overseen many changes to Queen Anne House including the extension for the 6th and 7th floors, the refurb to the rear of the building, turning ground and 3rd floor rooms into en-suites and several other major work improvements such as boiler changes.

Paul goes into work every day thinking “what is going to go wrong or needs fixing today?” but these are the challenges why he enjoys his job so much.

Mark Humm, Maintenance Supervisor, says “I am a very lucky line manager as Paul is a joy to work with and his contribution to the Maintenance Team has been invaluable. I am quite sure he will outlive us all, and retire at 100. I know his dad will be looking down on him with pride.”

Paul summarises “I have seen many people come and go during my time at YMCA including 4 CEOs but I’m so happy to be celebrating my milestone with colleagues who I’ve been working with for so many years. I’d do it all over again if I could and would love to complete my 50 years of service!”

Thank you Paul for all of your years of hard work, dedication and support.