Parent and Child Christmas tree festival

On 25 November staff and residents from the Parent and Child provision attended Christchurch mansion to take part in their first Christmas tree festival. A number of different groups from the community were given a tree and lights that would be on display and were tasked with decorating the tree to show a bit about what we do. Our staff and residents spent the two weeks leading up to the decorating day making lots of handmade Christmas decorations for the tree and we all had a lot of fun doing this. Amongst the various crafts they made a variety of baubles, snowmen, reindeer, paper chains and even a Santa tree topper!

We then attended the mansion and had a lot of fun decorating the tree. The Christmas tree festival is being held at Christchurch mansion and all trees are on display from 26 November until 6 January. This festival is open to the public and everyone that attends are able to vote for their favourite tree with the most popular tree receiving a certificate.

We would like to thank the staff at Ipswich and Colchester museums for giving us the chance to participate in the Christmas tree festival this year and for their ongoing support of the parent and child provision!