Our Mental Health team begins new project in Cambridge to support schools

Our Mental Health Training team have been busy over the past few weeks. The Opportunity Area (OA) program continues to go from strength to strength and they have secured funding for another year of training in the Fenland and East Cambridgeshire area. This will be the fifth year of successfully providing mental health training to schools in this OA. They are also expanding this work to begin delivering training to the Peterborough OA and are hopeful of a similar level of success in this area too.

The Mental Health team have also launched their project with the CAM Academy Trust in Cambridge. This three year project aims to empower all staff in the Trust and its schools to ensure ‘mental health is everyone’s business’ by implementing a holistic and needs-led approach. Our team is busy delivering training to all CAMAT schools including a return to face-to-face training for some of our courses.

Our trainers and the course materials are still of a high standard and they are consistently receiving positive feedback by delegates: