Mad about Minibeasts

The book is an engaging collection of insect-themed poems by Giles Andreae.

These simple, cheerful and humorous rhymes about all the familiar insects you might encounter in your garden – from slugs and snails to beautiful butterflies – are great fun to read together, and also make a good introduction to learning about the world around us.

Brightly coloured illustrations by David Wojtowycz add to the appeal of this engaging and lively book.


Week 1

This week in Easy Peasy pod we started to look at the new book that we will be working on. We started the session looking at the book with the children and having fun at discovering what can of mini beast’s we can find in our garden.

For our activity this week we made ladybirds from paper plates, coloured paper and paints. We also made some handprint butterflies We had a lot of fun making colourful bright ladybirds.


Week 2

For this week we made some snails out of coloured paper and paint, this was a lot of fun for both mums and babies who enjoyed painting and making their own colourful snails to put on the wall of the parent and child room.


Week 3

For this week we continued looking at different mini beasts we can find in our garden. We made some flowerpots and flowers, we got some chocolate cake and crumbled it up in a large tray for the children to play and fill up plastic cups which will be the soil for the flowers to go in. We then made some pinwheel flower and put them in our cups and then added a gummy worm in each flowerpot.


Week 4

For this week activity we went to the park as it was a nice sunny day, the children explored the grass and the grounds around the trees with magnifying glasses to find mini beasts in the park. The children had a lot of fun enjoying looking at the mini beast in the park throw the magnifying glasses. 


Week 5

This week we cooked some spaghetti in four different coloured waters to represent coloured worms, once the spaghetti had cooled down, we placed them on the large messy tray for the children to play with and explore the texture and colours.


Week 6

For this week activity we have been making flash cards. We have been continuing with the idea of helping the children develop their language skills so making flash cards of key words from the book for them to practice learning their words.