Lift the Flap Seasons and Weather

Week 1

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have started our new book ‘Lift the flap Seasons and Weather’. This is a fun and interactive book for us to cover over the summer to help our little ones learn about the different seasons and different weather they may experience.

We started our session by looking through the book with the children and having fun discovering what can happen when different weather patterns are combined such as sunshine and rain can make a rainbow. This was a fun interactive session as the children enjoyed lifting all the flaps under each season and discovering what was hiding beneath them.

For our activity this week we have been making sand art pictures. We used some colourful sand for the mums to make pictures with and they all had a lot of fun getting creative and making different pictures, some of which they have said they will display in their children’s rooms.


Week 2

This week for Easy Peasy Pods we have decided to get out and enjoy the weather as it has been nice and warm and sunny. For our first session this week we decided to venture out to the park, we had fun playing in the play area, feeding the ducks and exploring in the sunshine. We looked through the book with the children whilst out and about and tried to see if we could spot things that were in the book such as sunshine, flowers and birds. In our second session this week we decided to cool down with some ice cream play. We got the messy tray out and scooped out some ice cream for the children to get stuck in to. They had fun squishing this in their hands and getting messy and of course having a tasty treat to eat!


Week 3

This week with have continued learning about the different seasons and weather patterns and for our activity have been playing with an edible rainbow.

We read through the book again with the parents and their little ones discovering all the different scenes for each season, what happens when the weather changes and what types of clothes we should wear when it’s raining, sunny and snowing! We then set up our rainbow and used food purees to make this on a messy tray and let the children get stuck in! They had a lot of fun squelching around in the purees, getting covered in different colours and textures and of course having some tasty foods to try. We try to incorporate messy play in to our activities as much as possible as it gives the children a chance to engage in a form of play that they normally wouldn’t do and they can explore multiple senses at the same time.


Week 4

For this week in Easy Peasy Pods we have been making butterfly hand prints. We have been looking at all the different seasons in the weather book and have decided to make some summer themed pictures to display in our parent and child room and for the residents to have as keep sakes.

We read through the book again and picked some of our favourite butterflies, we then picked lots of different colours of paint and have used handprints to make butterflies on paper. A lot of these were then cut out and hung in the parent and child room to decorate the walls.


Week 5

For this week in Easy Peasy Pods we have decided to enjoy the hot summer weather and have used this as a chance to cool down with some water play.

We filled our messy trays with water and got some of our water play toys out and let the children have fun splashing around.

Everyone really enjoyed the session and had a lot of fun splashing around and squirting each other with the water toys.


Week 6

For our last week of Easy Peasy Pods reading Lift the flap seasons and weather we have been making flash cards. We have been continuing with the idea of helping the children develop their language skills so are making flash cards of key ideas from each book for them to practice learning their words.