Joshua nominated for National Apprenticeship Awards 2020

One of our Apprentices, Joshua Gallon, was nominated by Kim Streater (Childcare Programme Manager) for the National Apprenticeship Awards 2020 for his hard work and efforts during this challenging year.

As part of the nomination, Kim said the following about Joshua:

“As part of his duties as an Apprentice Early Years Assistant, Joshua was required to work with children whose parents were essential workers during the pandemic. He was part of a small team who provided a safe, nurturing environment for those children – some of whom were not seeing their parents as often as usual due to the long working hours through the height of Covid-19. Joshua was supporting children with their emotional and physical needs by providing high quality, stimulating, fun activities.

During Covid-19 the assistant role changed quite dramatically for Joshua as he was moved to a different site within our Childcare to form part of a small ‘bubble’ of staff and children. Joshua was required to work with children whose parents were keyworkers ie NHS, Care home or retail staff. This meant Joshua had to take on more responsibilities than our apprentices would normally have to, supporting the more experienced staff in offering activities that continued to challenge and excite the children who were attending, whilst also supporting the children’s mental wellbeing at a difficult time.

Many of these children were missing time with their parents as they were working long hours in the fight against the disease, and it was important for Joshua to keep the routines as normal as possible for the children.”

Read the whole nomination for Joshua on the Apprentices on the Frontline website.

A big well done and thank you for your dedication and hard work, Joshua!