Jolly Christmas Postman

Week 1

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have started on our Christmas book to help us get in the Christmas spirit. The book we are working on is the Jolly Christmas Postman, a fun interactive book following the Jolly Postman as he completes his Christmas deliveries including a very special visit!

We started by reading through the book with our mums and their babies which everyone really enjoyed. We had great fun reading through the pages and taking out each special piece of Christmas post and reading all the different letters and cards that everyone received.

After reading through the book we started making some Christmas decorations to help make our parent and child room feel really festive. We hung some giant snowflakes, lots of tinsel and lights, paperchains and even made a Christmas tree for the wall.

We will have lots of fun adding to this over the next couple of weeks and making it extra festive.

Week 2

During week 2 in Easy Peasy Pods we have been continuing with our Christmas preparations and having fun with snow.

We read through the Jolly Christmas postman again having a look at where the postman has been on his deliveries and what cards and present he has been delivering to our favourite fairy-tale characters.

After reading through the book and seeing what a bumpy ride he had through the snow we decided it would be fun to play with some snow. We made up some gelli snow and set this up in a messy tray with some snow covered trees. Some of the children were very unsure about the snow as it had a strange texture however they soon came around to the idea and had great fun squashing this in their hands and making snow balls.

Next week we will be making more decorations and having a go at making our own sleigh!

Week 3

The final week, Easy Peasy Pods have been continuing with our Christmas book, the Jolly Christmas Postman and have been making a sleigh.

After reading the book and discovering the adventure the Jolly Postman goes on whilst delivering his cards and presents we thought it would be fun to make a sleigh for our children to ride in.

We used a large cardboard box and cut out the shape of a sleigh and some of our children helped to decorate this which they really enjoyed. We also spent time making some more Christmas decorations for the parent and child room and made our own sleigh to be displayed on the wall.