Student Qualifications and Parent Workshops

Health & Well-Being Qualifications

At times, reaching potential is about developing our strengths and not just addressing our issues. Awards and qualifications can often be a hugely effective approach, as they improve skills and experiences as well as providing formal recognition of achievement. In this section, the YMCA Menu of Services describes the range of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) it offers to young people aged 14 years and over (except the mini medics course for 8-11 year olds, and Level 2 Fitness Instructor Award for 16 years plus).

All qualifications can be delivered as whole awards or as individual units. They can form part of PSHE lessons for an entire Year Group, or be used to develop skill-sets in individual pupils with identified needs. With this flexibility, schools can create bespoke alternatives to learning in order to ensure maximum opportunity for young people to gain skills and qualifications prior to entering the work place. The awards also include the opportunity to become a ‘Young Health Champion’, thus empowering pupils to adopt a role that involves promoting health and well-being to all young people in your school/college.



  • Most qualifications can be delivered in schools, although certain qualifications will require completion within one of The YMCA equipped gyms
  • Pricing varies according to nature and level of award (see guide for more details)
  • Minimum numbers are required for the courses to go ahead
  • Where qualifications are spread over a number of weeks, sessions must be at least 2hrs at a time to cover the guided learning hours


Our most popular courses are as follows:

Level 1 Award: Body Image & the Relationship to Well-being

Cost: £300 plus £32.50 per candidate (min of 6) +VAT

Guided Learning Hours: 9

Units Covered Include: Body Image, Understanding healthy diet and activity


Level 1 Award: Young Health Champion

Cost:£1800 plus £45 per candidate (min of 6) +VAT

Guided Learning Hours: 33 for Mandatory units plus 14-19 from optional units

Units Covered: Peer Leadership, Health improvement

Optional Units: Body Image, Confidence/ Self-Esteem Building Methods, Dealing with Bullying, Feelings & Emotions, Encouraging Physical Activity, Healthy Eating


For more information about other courses, download the Full Guide

To book your course, download our Booking Form


Parent Workshops

In response to the demand for parental support and to promote awareness of mental health across the school, we have developed the following 45-60min workshops that can be delivered and tailored according to your needs. They can be delivered either within the school day or after school, and can form part of existing support e.g. through transition seminars. These workshops cover the following:



  • The difference between stress and anxiety
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Panic Attacks
  • Supporting young people with anxiety


  • What is anger and how does it work
  • When does it become a problem
  • The cycle of anger
  • Supporting young people with anger issues

Self Harm

  • What is self-harm
  • Dispelling the myths
  • Self Harm safety
  • Supporting a young person who is self harming


  • What is depression – signs and symptoms
  • Young people’s views
  • Supporting young people with depression


Student Workshops

In addition to our tailored building resilience programmes for those with mental health issues, we are able to deliver bespoke 45-60 min sessions for wider student involvement, including the following:

  • An Introduction to Mental Health
  • Body Image & Self-Esteem
  • Food and Mood
  • Physical Activity & Stress Busting


Prices vary according to the length of sessions and numbers attending,
but start from just £2.50 per child and £5 per parent
(based on minimum numbers).

Additional workshops can be developed on request.