The Thrive App

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What is it?

Thrive is an evidence based therapeutic app which works to prevent, detect and treat common mental health conditions as early as possible, making these tools accessible worldwide, 24/7. Thrive is an evidence based clinically proven app containing various mindfulness activities and a CBT based programme, available on all android, apple and web based devices.


How does it work?

We have recently developed a series of short videos to help explain how the app works and the evidence behind it.  Watch the following video to find out more:

We also have various short videos so you can find out more from different perspectives

Background to the app and the evidence behind it

Why YMCA got involved and what we have found

The app from a student perspective

The app from a staff perspective

Home Screen- Sessions

  • Calm Breathing – A quick breathing exercise ranging from 3 – 15 minutes
  • Meditation – 5 Sessions varied to different situations
  • Deep Muscle Relaxation – An effective session that can be as strong as a sedative
  • Applied Relaxation – Relaxing with the thought of a word (Self Hypnosis)
  • Daily goals – 3 goals set daily to complete both in and out of the app
  • Support – Links to useful website and resources to get more help and advice


  • Progress – A section dedicated to ones usage history and data entry
  • Mood Meter – The daily PHQ7/GAD9 screen, the heart of what the app can do
  • Guides – Personalised reading material, based upon entry in the mood meter
  • Message in a bottle – Send and receive encouraging messages in the app
  • Wise Words Game – A simple word search made 100x better


“Anxiety is something that I will live with for the rest of my life but it has been brilliant to discover something that can actually help manage it. This is a big statement for me to say but, this app is amazing!” “Very simply this app is brilliant. I was sceptical at first, I admit I find this sort of thing very dubious but I have been thoroughly surprised.”

There are more stresses on students nowadays both inside and outside of schools but what can we offer them to get instant access particularly at home, we’re only here from 9am to 3pm with the students, it’s nice to know they’ve got something when they leave us”.

“There are lots of different features on the app, I struggle sleeping a lot and so the meditations are really useful to me. I used it last night and I fell asleep in ten minutes and it normally takes me two hours”.

Thrive App Quotes

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How to Access

YMCA have worked with Thrive to develop a version that schools can use for their pupils, staff and even parents at much lower rates than going directly.   To find out more, see the boxes below or contact or call 01733 373187.

As a special offer from the developers, if you purchase the app for your whole student population, you only have to pay for 70% saving you 30% off the already subsidised rates!