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Analysis by Deloitte reveals that employers that invest in mental health support of their workforce can make significant gains. In fact, the model has found the case for employer investment is stronger than ever, with an average £5 return for every £1 spent on wellbeing support.


According to figures from the Health and Safety Executive, teaching is one of the most stressful jobs you can have in Britain (HSE, 2017) and thousands of teachers in England are on long-term stress-leave (TES, 11th January 2018). In addition, with 1 in 6 school aged children having a probable mental health condition (NHS digital, 2020), teachers are often in the best position to recognise when their students are struggling.

Many of us are familiar with the aircraft safety briefing that tells us to always fit our own oxygen mask before helping others. This metaphor can help us to remember that those who work with children and young people can only be fully effective in their role if they prioritise their own wellbeing (TES, 22nd January 2018). Schools can actively help their school staff to care for themselves, to reduce stress and increase productivity, which will ultimately have a positive impact on our young people. If staff are not able to manage their own mental health, this clearly has an impact on performance and pupil mental health.

Research in 2021 of education staff showed that:

Source: Education Support

Staff support programmes

Source: Teachers Wellbeing Index: 2021


YMCA Trinity Group have developed a range of programmes to support staff in a variety of settings such as schools and workplaces. These include the following:

  • Direct Support – With mental health issues continuing to rise, more is needed to support staff. Our team of fully qualified counsellors can provide bespoke support on a credit based system, or by providing more regular access using our tried and tested Day Rate model. This could include any of the following, with the ultimate aim of reducing staff absence and increasing productivity:
    • Access to face to face or virtual counselling
    • A centrally held bank of credits to be used as required on a referral basis
    • Additional ‘drop-in’ sessions made available on a weekly/fortnightly basis for low level concerns or advice


  • Direct Reflective Supervision – Working with people to promote mental health can be demanding and complex. Reflective supervision provides a regular, professional relationship with clear boundaries within which staff can reflect on their thoughts and feelings; drawing on this awareness to better support those they work with.

We offer reflective supervision for staff and reflective supervision training for senior lead professionals. Regular, professional supervision of this nature encourages healthy reflective practice; promotes learning through exploration; supports self-care; increases resilience; and allows you to share knowledge and research whilst promoting effective signposting. It can be of benefit to all, and especially those in senior or pastoral roles. These sessions will support staff’s longevity in their role, reducing the stress and negative impact that staff experience.

Reflective supervision is not:

    • Clinical supervision
    • Line management
    • Counselling


    • Increase knowledge and wellbeing of staff
    • Reduce staff stress
    • Stimulate creativity and resilience  staff
    • Promote reflective practice by staff involved and the impact of this work.
    • Promote sharing of good practice. All sessions are person-centred, confidential, and comply with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Framework.

We can offer:

    • A series of 1.5hr group reflection supervision either virtually or face to face for up to 4 people.
    • A series of 1hr individual reflective supervision either virtually or face to face.
    • A tailored programme of reflective supervision for wider staff.



Virtual: From £55 for 1to1 (1 hour) or £100 for a group of up to 4 people (1.5 hours)

Face to Face: From £63 for 1to1 (1 hour) or £131 for a group of up to 4 people (1.5 hours)


“The staff counselling has been excellent.  One member used to have a significant amount of absence due to personal issues, but since seeing your counsellor they have not been absent once” – Safeguarding Lead, Secondary Academy


  • Training –

One of the challenges amongst school staff is being able to cope with the needs of children and young people. By providing access to mental health training, staff will increase their confidence to do their job, and therefore reduce the stress that this brings. It also has the added benefit of indirectly supporting their own mental health by addressing specific issues that might affect staff and those they work with.

By following our competency framework and training needs analysis, we can tailor courses to need. Go to our mental health training pages for more details.



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