Small Talks School Resources

YMCA Trinity Group are please to be able to announce the winner of their school poster competition.

Year 8 student, Valentina Pertruzziello at Hampton Gardens Secondary school and year 3 student, Emily Askew at  Wisbech St Mary’s school

The competition, which was launched on World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10 October, coincided with the new campaign, Small Talks – Big Difference.



The campaign centers on encouraging individuals to take small actions to break down the barriers around talking about mental health.

30 schools registered for the competition which saw students crafting a creative poster. From this, two winners were selected – a primary and secondary school winner.





Valentina’s winning design highlighted common mental health challenges young people face. It also featured practical advice which anyone reading the poster would be able to try, such as sleeping well, talking to others, and accepting who you are.






While Emily’s winning design highlighted the importance of talking about your feelings and sharing them with someone else. Her poster also shared ways of communicating such as writing a poem, opening up, and showing somebody you’re struggling. In addition, it featured the important message of ‘do not hide’.





The original posters have been made into a valuable resource that any school can print off and use around their buildings to promote awareness of mental health.


Emily's Winning poster design          Valentina's winning poster design


Valentina said: “I was surprised when I won the competition, but I was very proud of myself. I hope it will spread awareness to people who need support.

And Emily said: “I felt really happy and excited when I won the award. I enjoyed using different colours to create my poster and am very excited to be able to help people by encouraging them to talk.”


Assembly presentations for primary and secondary schools to use freely are shared here to help in raising awareness of mental health in children and young people and to provide a valuable resource in opening up this area of conversation.