Mental Health Support for other Charities and Statutory Services

As part of our mental health programmes, we are proud to work with a whole range of charities and statutory services. Our who we work with page gives more details of the various partnerships we currently have.
We are constantly looking to share good practice and develop new and innovative solutions to the needs of local communities. As well as all of our more traditional services for businesses that we can offer other charities and statutory services, we can also support with the following:
  • Training your staff to deliver our programmes through our Train The Trainer or licensing arrangements – and vice versa
  • Combining expertise to develop bespoke programmes for our client groups
  • Joint funding bids and fundraising initiatives to address local needs
  • Joint awareness campaigns and shared resources
  • Referral pathways for clients to increase support
  • Sub-contracting arrangements to deliver each other’s programmes


If you are interested in working with us, please contact us by calling 01733 373 187 or email