Counselling and Therapy

It is an upsetting reality that children are not immune to the psychological and emotional traumas in the world around them. More sophisticated research and training has brought a greater awareness of just how deeply social issues are felt by even the youngest children in our society. However, the positive news is that, whilst our awareness of this issue has increased, so has the repertoire of tools and techniques available for therapeutic support.

YMCA Trinity Group can offer help in the form of a range of trained and registered therapists or counsellors. The techniques used will be applicable to the age or understanding of the young person – including play and art therapy or other creative therapeutic techniques for younger children. Secondary school ages may benefit more from talking therapies. In each case, a consultation with the school will help to determine the best course of action and the most appropriate therapist for the task.


The Process


In order to meet national standards and to provide clarity in service costs, the following list explains how a typical referral would be dealt with:


  • An assessment of the child – using evidence-based impact measurement tools (1 session)
  • Perspectives from Teachers and Carers
  • An initial number of therapy sessions (usually a minimum of 12 for Primary/Special Schools and 5 for
    Secondary age)
  • Flexibility in the contract to offer additional sessions dependant on the needs and circumstances of the individual*
  • A follow up assessment and/or feedback session for teachers/carers
  • Sessions last a maximum of 50 minutes – some younger children may require shortened sessions
  • 1 credit per session – which includes the assessment and feedback sessions
  • 1-2 credits per school/setting for a formal review by a trained therapist/counsellor to discuss young people’s needs and progress (covering all young people)
  • Optional use of additional credits for drop-in sessions, additional reports, or attendance at staff/service meetings

*Needs will vary for each child and some young people may require more than others. 3 or more referrals will automatically require 2 credits



New! Day Rate programme – More support, more value!


As an alternative to the credit based system, our Day Rate programme is designed to meet your needs by providing you with access to a designated clinical professional therapist or counsellor for the whole academic year using a holistic approach.

In order to understand your needs, there is an option to start by offering you our 2-day whole school wellbeing consultation programme inclusive of the Day Rate cost. This involves a self-assessment of current provision, and a series of consultations with school staff and students to develop an audit based on a model created in partnership with local statutory services. We will also provide a range of tools and resources on our whole school wellbeing page to help you create a ‘blueprint’ for mental health provision.

The consultation will run alongside direct support, and the action plan can be used to help develop tailored solutions to address your setting’s needs.

Your allocated therapist or counsellor can provide the following services as mutually agreed:


  • 1-2-1 Therapy or counselling for pupils, staff and/or parents
  • 1-2-1 Mentoring for pupils who have low level needs
  • Group work for pupils to build resilience
  • Awareness workshops for students
  • Drop-ins for pupils, parents or staff
  • Peer support sessions
  • Assessments and observations
  • Summary reports
  • Referrals to other services where appropriate
  • Regular update meetings


By committing to a full academic year, we are able to provide you with savings of up to 26% when compared to the credit system, and offer a huge amount of added value through our partner reward scheme.



Prices start from £125 per half a day (3.5 hours) or £230 per full day (6.5 hours) based on a commitment of 39 weeks (including the consultation programme).

(Prices valid for the 20/21 academic year)


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