Ipswich & Colchester museums donate fun activity packs

In June, we were provided with some activity packs for our residents in the Parent and Child provision. These were kindly donated to us from the staff at Ipswich & Colchester museums.

The activity packs were aimed at children aged 5 and under and included lots of different activities for the mums to be able to do with their babies during the lockdown period which was a very welcome distraction.

The packs were full of wonderful items for our children to explore such as sensory toys, playdoh and lots of craft items. The staff at the museum had also taken time to put together an instruction pack for the residents so they knew exactly what the pack included and some ideas of things that they could make and play with.

All of the residents were very appreciative of these packs and had a lot of fun with their children.

One of our residents said “Thank you for the activity pack for myself and my daughter to do together. Really thoughtful gesture and great idea!