Introduction to Attachment

20 May 2020 (4-6pm) at Barrington C of E Primary School, CB22 7RG (£30 per person)


This workshop is for delegates who have covered basic attachment theory, either through our Introduction to Mental Health, or through another training provider, and want to learn more about attachment and how to support children who struggle with learning due to their early experiences of trauma and loss.

This two hour workshop provides delegates with an overview of attachment theory and its application to the understanding of children with emotional, behavioural or social difficulties which interfere with their learning. The workshop will build on our previous Introduction to Mental Health training, providing further practical tools for adults to better understand the experiences of the children in their care and better ways of managing areas of concern. Delegates will leave with practical strategies firmly rooted in the research of attachment theory and in tried and tested practice in schools. These strategies can easily be integrated into the life of a busy classroom, leaving delegates feeling more confident to offer solutions in their setting.


Offered as part of our ‘Enhanced Stage 2’ training, and available as either an open workshop (view dates), or as bespoke session for whole staff teams, they help delegates to:


  • Understand how young people with attachment difficulties can experience the world
  • To understand how we can communicate effectively with young people with attachment difficulties
  • Practical strategies and key interventions for working with these young people.


Feedback from colleagues:


  • 100% of delegates felt the training was relevant to them and their role
  • 98% of delegates said their confidence improved in the subject area
  • “Very well presented, informative session”
  • “My mind has been opened to this subject and I have heard a lot to make me think about how to support the young people at school”
  • “It’s wonderful to see this training for all staff because I value its importance highly”


Individual places are available for just £30 per person, or you can book the in-house programme from only £400. Further discounts are available should you host an open course. Contact 01733 373187 or email for more information.



By booking a bespoke course you will also gain access to free Level 2 accredited training as part of our distance learning programme. Alternatively, we can tailor the course to whole staff teams or clusters of schools.

For more information about any of the services we offer please read our mental health support for schools page or contact the office on 01733 373187.