Importance of investing in children’s mental health podcast

Whatever your reason is for feeling lost and confused in this fast paced society – we often ask what the next steps forward are for us. Katie Ridley, reporter at The Hunts Post, decided to start her own podcast called ‘What next?‘ after being diagnosed with depression. Her aim is to help others with mental health issues by talking to people who have extraordinary stories to share and how they have overcome their biggest struggles in life. Katie also chats to experts who are trying to cushion the fall for people who may be having a tough time.


On 4 October, our Mental Health & Education Manager Ryan Armes chatted with Katie to discuss the importance of investing in the mental health of children. Ryan also explained how beneficial Thrive, a mental health app, has been for students in schools and has helped to tackle the long waiting lists for counselling.


According to an NHS report, one in eight children in England is living with a mental health problem.