Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children Accommodation

Our UASC (unaccompanied asylum seeking children) Accommodation is supported by the Fostering Changes for Children Team, a part of Children and Young People’s Services. The heart of this project is to support Asylum Seekers, between the ages of 16-21, across Ipswich. Ipswich is already a diverse town, but there is definitely a divide between locals that have been there for years and those that have moved into the town from other countries.

The team that works on UASC dedicate their time to making sure that these young people that come into the country feel as welcome as possible. Integrating into any new community is difficult, but when you come into a whole new culture, where the community don’t even speak your own language is extremely difficult. The team work with the young people to build their independence, so they can go out and live on their own.

Sessions on building independence include: teaching them cooking and cleaning skills, showing them how to call the doctor, teaching them how rent and finances work, mock job interviews, driving lessons, English lessons, how to use public transport and many more things. 

We have a dedicated five bed unit in our hostel, a separate three story building at YMCA Ipswich Accommodation. Each young person has their own hostel room with shared bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and laundry. We also have multiple shared houses within the community. Every person in a shared house has their own room and the rest of the facilities are shared between the household.



Youth Matters Awards


The UASC team won the Diversity Award at the Annual YMCA Youth Matters ceremony on 5 November which was held at the exclusive Sheraton Grand Hotel in London’s Park Lane and hosted by acclaimed comedian and expert quizzer of ITV’s The Chase, Paul Sinha.

The Diversity Award recognises YMCAs that have actively encouraged and/or promoted diversity across either age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability.


How to Apply


As this accommodation is specifically for unaccompanied asylum seeking children who are supported by the Fostering Changes for Children Team a part of Children and Young People’s Services. Speak to your social worker from this team and they will refer you.