That’s Not My Bunny

What is That’s Not My Bunny?


A touchy-feely board book with simple, repetitive text, tactile patches and bold illustrations suitable for babies and toddlers. A little white mouse appears on every page, for children to spot.


Week 1

This week in Easy Peasy Pods we have started reading That’s Not My Bunny, the perfect book to lead in to the spring term and Easter week!

We read through That’s Not My Bunny with the babies exploring each touchy feely panel for the different bunnies. The little ones loved having the interaction with the book and enjoyed the different textures and sounds that these made on the pages, such as the soft furry ears and rough scratchy paws.

For this week’s activity to accompany the book we have been making Easter cards and egg baskets. There were lots of different colours and textures on offer and we all had fun making Easter cards and woven baskets to hold our Easter eggs. We then decorated these with Easter chicks and bunnies, lots of exciting stickers, tissue paper and more to make these very festive and stimulating for the little ones to look at.

The Easter Bunny also made an early visit to our little ones at Easy Peasy Pods with each child getting their own Easter Egg.


Week 2

In Easy Peasy Pods this week we have been continuing with That’s Not My Bunny. We started our session by reading the book though again and exploring the sensory pages discovering the different bunnies until we found a Bunny who has very soft ears! The little ones at Easy Peasy Pods seem to really enjoy the bunny with the rough paws as it makes a funny sound when they scratch it.

For our activity we have been making bunny hats. We have used paper plates and cut out ear shapes. We then painted these and pushed the ears out so they were standing up and the paper plates can be worn as hats. This was a fun activity and gave the little ones a chance to get a bit messy and explore the feel of paints as well as time to concentrate on improving their motor skills by cutting out the bunny ears (with parents help).

We had some new parents and children attend our session this week and the parents and little ones really enjoyed getting to know each other and interacting with others.


Week 3

We are currently on week 3 of reading That’s Not My Bunny for our Easy Peasy Pods sessions and our residents & children are still really enjoying this. We are having fun exploring the different textures in the book for each bunny and the little ones seem to have a new favourite in the soft fluffy bunny tails! This book has been great for keeping the children engaged as the sensory pages have been good at keeping their interest and giving them the opportunity to learn about different textures and materials.

For our activity this week we have been decorating bunny coin banks. Each resident was given a bunny coin bank to paint and personalise for their child to keep as their own little money box. The residents enjoyed this activity as it gave them a chance to personalise a keepsake for their child and the little ones enjoyed getting stuck in with the painting.


Week 4

This week in our Easy Peasy Pods session we have been painting bunny pictures.

We are still reading through That’s Not My Bunny and for our activity we used bunny shaped stencils to paint our very own bunnies. Our little ones painted round the stencils using their favorite colours and also adding other textures to create their own sensory pictures to play with and look at. The painting session was enjoyed by all and our little ones especially enjoy getting messy with the paint.


Week 5 & 6

For the last 2 weeks of Easy Peasy Pods reading That’s Not My Bunny we have had an extra special visit from Kimmy’s mobile petting zoo. We organised this as a treat for the residents and their babies as the animals linked in with our theme of bunnies.

These sessions went really well, both the residents and children loved seeing the different animals, learning about them and getting to hold them. We had different animals come to visit such as a bearded dragon, chinchilla and even a snake!! The residents and their babies were all very brave, holding and touching all the different animals and even going back for more.

For our next book with Easy Peasy Pods we will be reading Peepo and using this opportunity to explore our environments.


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