Week 1

We are now on to our 3rd book for our Easy Peasy Pods sessions and are now reading Peepo, a fantastic book about a baby exploring his environment.

For our first session we started by reading the book through with the parents and their little ones. The babies got to look through the holes to spot details from different parts of babies environment. The little ones found this quite amusing and enjoyed peeking through the holes at the illustrations on the next page.

After reading through the book we decided to explore our own environments and took a walk down to a local park. The parents and children enjoyed this activity as it was nice for them to get out in the fresh air and the little ones enjoyed having a play..and for some a nap!


Week 2

For this weeks Easy Peasy Pods session we have been doing some arts and crafts. After reading through the Peepo story again we did some arts and crafts with the parents and little ones painting pictures of their worlds and making viewing windows and Peepo glasses.

The little ones had fun with this activity getting messy with the paint and playing with the different craft items. It was good for them to engage in some sensory play and they enjoyed interacting with each other.


Week 3

In this weeks Easy Peasy Pods session we continued our theme of getting out and about and exploring our environment. We took a trip to the local museum with our parents and babies. This was a fun activity for our little ones as it was a chance for them to engage in an activity they wouldn’t normally do. The residents and little ones enjoyed exploring the different things on show at the museum such as the various animals, the history of Ipswich, the Egyptian exhibit and more.


Week 4

We have got the parent and child residents to walk with us to the local shop and talk about what we could see on the way there. The residents then helped to buy the ingredients for our cooking session. When we got back to YMCA, the girls made rice crispy cakes with their children. This activity went down well and was enjoyed by all, the girls and their children enjoyed the process of making the cakes and then getting to eat them afterwards. For our second session this week we did some arts and crafts. We decided to make papiermache globes to go along with Peepo’s theme of our environments. Unfortunately these did not dry in time to decorate during the session but we look forward to being able to paint these and it was even suggested that they would use the globes to mark where in the world they have been.


Week 5

This week we have ventured in to our new nursery facility and engaged in some water play, which the children especially enjoyed as the weather has been so warm this week. The mothers enjoyed looking around the new nursery facility exploring the different rooms for the different age ranges and having a play with lots of new and different toys.

Our little ones enjoyed getting to play with the water as it helped to cool them down in such hot weather and was a different sensory experience for them to take part in. There was certainly lots of splashing around and a lot of wet babies and mummies by the end of the session.


Week 6

This week has been our last week of reading Peepo and we have been exploring more of our parent and child room and the different facilities we have.

For our first session this week the parents and little ones engaged in some sensory play. We used different items such as rice and pasta and used various different toys & utensils for the little ones to be able to pick these up and play. The little ones had great fun using our diggers, colanders and spades to pick up the rice, run it through the holes and get a feel for the different shapes and textures.

In our second session for this week we made playdough. We had great fun getting our hands messy mixing up all the different ingredients and then rolling it out until it formed a good dough. The little ones also had fun playing with this after it was mixed, pulling pieces off, making little shapes and getting their hands messy.